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Moving to Mandurah: Places, Prices & Things to Do

If there’s one city in Western Australia that has exploded in terms of population growth, it is Mandurah. Up from 30,000 three decades back, the number of inhabitants is expected to touch 120,000 in 2036.

Even so, Mandurah still manages to retain its small-town charm and is a great choice for young families, professionals, and retirees. Its close location to Perth’s CBD (just a bit over 70 km) is another plus.

Wondering whether moving to Mandurah for permanent residence is a good decision? 

Time to find out.

Finding a New Home in Mandurah: 4 Best Areas

Apartment Buildings In Mandurah Wa

Mandurah and its suburbs have around 50 kilometres of unspoiled coastline – in case you’re wondering what made it a popular tourist town. With 28 kilometres of canals, the city is also perfect for a water-based lifestyle. Moreover, it is being called a 15-minute city due to the low commute time, which is a big plus.

And guess what?

Data indicates that Mandurah is a top destination for people moving to Western Australia. Also, the living costs including transportation, groceries, and dining out in Mandurah are reasonable. The overall living expenses in Mandurah are, of course, much lower than in Perth.

According to, the median price of a 3-bedroom house in Mandurah is $415,000 as of this writing (March 2024). Around 140 houses have been sold in the past year. The price for an apartment in Mandurah is around $385,000. The median rental price is $460 per week. It’s also good to keep in mind that both buying and renting are almost twice as expensive as they were just 5 years ago. While that’s a global trend, it likely means that prices aren’t likely to go down in the foreseeable future!

A property in Mandurah in a good location and near established facilities will have excellent investment potential. Here are some areas that you can pick.


Greenfields is a popular suburb, both because of its affordability and easy connections to Perth. The family-friendly suburb has all the necessary facilities and the property sales volume in it has been rising in the past few years.

Halls Head

If you want to enjoy the beach, Halls Head is a great place to live. It has various housing options and most houses are on relatively good-sized land blocks. Facilities include multiple schools, large shopping plazas, and medical centres.

Meadow Springs

This is another affordable suburb located northeast of Mandurah’s central area, near the Goegrup Lake Nature Reserve. This is a quiet area with a golf course, parks and multiple walking trails. 

Madora Bay

Madora Bay has been a popular holiday destination and consists of a peaceful beachside community. The beautiful coastal setting and laid-back ambience make it perfect for families. Housing options include older homes and modern single-family homes.

What’s the Weather Like in Mandurah?

Mandurah Beach In Overcast Weather At Sunset

The weather in Mandurah is just as you would expect in the Peel region of Perth – warm and sunny. January and February are the hottest months with the average temperatures rising up to around 30 degrees. But don’t let that frighten you if you’re not really a fan of roasting. Summers in Mandurah are typically dry, which makes the heat easier to stand! Still, it’s wise to keep in mind that Perth is considered the sunniest state capital, with over 8.8 hours of sunshine per day. So you should always keep your slip, slop and slap at hand.

Most rainfall happens in June and July. As you may imagine, the winters are comfortable and the average temperatures are around 18 degrees.

Being a coastal zone, the area is also windy. Besides, the period between November and April is also the tropical cyclone season in WA. In general, you can expect one or two cyclones in a year.

Job Market in Mandurah

While Mandurah is witnessing a rise in its residential population, the job market has had its ups and downs over the years. A larger section of the local population is dependent on the mining and construction industries and there’s a lack of highly skilled professionals. The economy also experienced a slowdown after the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In other words, the situation isn’t great. But as you’ll see shortly, it isn’t terrible either.

To counter the setbacks, the city has started the Transform Mandurah initiative for economic diversification.

That said, the favourable location and the appealing coastal lifestyle work to its advantage. Projecting Mandurah as the lifestyle capital of WA could be a key driver for future growth. Plus, the region has the potential to emerge as a world-class training and education centre for the hospitality industry. It can also market itself as a leading service provider in the aged care sector in the coming years. But there’s much in it for young people too. Being near Perth makes Mandurah great for remote workers.

The proper utilization of all the opportunities can cause Mandurah’s Gross regional product to touch $5.5 billion by 2032-33. Likewise, the employment rate can rise to 2.7 per cent in the coming decade. The supportive business environment in Mandurah makes it a good spot for investments too. The development of the Peel Business Park is a part of this initiative. 

Take it from Lands Minister John Carey. “Peel Business Park is an important industrial estate, and its growth with these new lots will continue to create significant economic growth and provide a number of new local jobs in the Peel region,” he points out.

Enough talk about the economy! Let’s see what else is in it for those who decide to move there.

What to Do in Mandurah?

A Pink And White Bird On A Beach In Mandurah
The rose-breasted cockatoo (a.k.a. galah), endemic to Australia

Chances are you will never run short of things to do in Mandurah. Think I am exaggerating?

Here are the facts.

In 2023, Mandurah was declared Australia’s Top Tourism Town. In the coastal belts and waterways in the area, you’ll be able to pursue activities like boating, fishing, seafood tours, and wildlife watching. The social setting is dynamic, thanks to a vibrant nightlife and multiple colourful events throughout the year.

Need a tranquil setting for enjoying a perfect weekend with the family? 

There are secluded beaches with soft sands and blue waters that are perfect for family-friendly fun. Kids will especially appreciate the Peel-Harvey Estuary, which is home to Australia’s largest community of some 85 dolphins!

Naturists can also have their share of enjoyment as there are several nudist beaches in Mandurah (and many more closer to the nearby Perth).

To enjoy a day amidst nature, follow a nature trail or go for a paddling trip in the estuary and canals. Mandurah has an active surfing community and a local surf club too. If you love the adrenaline rush, there are options like surfing, bodyboarding or kitesurfing.

News flash: the city has invested $2.4 million in organising local events in an attempt to diversify the economy. The one-of-a-kind Giants of Mandurah outdoor exhibition created by Thomas Dambo is a part of that. A fun way to spend a weekend is to discover these unique larger-than-life sculptures in some secret locations by following the clues- something like a treasure hunt.

Final Thoughts

Hope this answers the question of why move to Mandurah!

If you ask me, the best part about moving to Mandurah is settling down in a friendly holiday destination. With multiple year-round events and activities, the region offers everything a family will need. And, it gets better.

You will find a welcoming community and a growing market that is seeking skilled professionals. Quite simply, a combination that is not easy to find.

To sum up, Mandurah is a first-rate destination in Western Australia for professionals from all walks of life. The city is transforming at a fast pace and settling there can be the perfect way to balance your personal and work lives.

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