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Mandurah Mortgage Brokers

We offer a variety of financial and loan services to our clients in Mandurah, Peel region and surrounding areas.

Mandurah Mortgage Brokers

Our team specialises in small town finance

Whether you’re the proud owner of a small beginner’s farm or have a million-acre cattle ranch, or are dreaming of owning one, we love working with country folk.

We are Mandurah Mortgage Brokers, a mortgage brokerage service based in Mandurah and Peel region, specialising in rural loans, regional financing and everything agribusiness related.

We know the ropes when it comes to getting country folk the finance they need to buy land, establish new businesses or upgrade their homes in regional areas. So if you’re looking to invest in rural and regional Australia, we can help make your dreams a reality.

We offer a range of rural loans and financing options tailored to help you achieve your goals, and our experienced team is always on hand to provide expert advice and support. Whether you’re looking to buy new land to farm or upgrade your current one, we can help make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

We also offer other services, including farm equipment, refinance and livestock financing.

Ready to finance your dream house or farm? Contact us to check your eligibility!

Farmer Standing Next To Farm Ute

We Will Do the Legwork

Finding a rural property loan can be complicated. Rural folks and farmers often don’t have the traditional ‘paperwork’ such as regular payslips. Our earning capacity is often affected by drought, fires, commodity prices and other conditions outside our control.

Finding a rural property loan that suits your specific needs is even more complex. That’s where we can help!

With our extensive network of lenders across Australia and access to many top financial providers, we can make your rural property loan application as simple and streamlined as possible.

We’ll shop around until we find the right lender for the loan you need, whether for your first farm, your first home or for refinance options.

Along the way, we’ll provide you with the information (including obtaining pre-approvals, applying for government grants, and assisting with securing incentives) and the insight you need to make informed financial decisions.

Easy and Quick Loan Comparison

At Mandurah Mortgage Brokers, we take the time to learn about your unique circumstances and goals.

We have access to quite a few rural loans from different lenders. From the big four Australian banks to smaller institutions and international banks with local operations to regional banks, lenders and credit unions, we have a more extensive selection of loans.

As experienced mortgage brokers with over 20 years in the finance industry, we provide access to multiple banks and their loan options. However, a bank only offers what they offer, which may not meet your needs.

We are more than happy to talk to you – whether you are ready now or are enquiring for the near future, Katherine , our lead broker, can point you in the right direction.

Improve Your Chances of Qualifying for a Loan

When you apply for a home loan and do not receive approval for various reasons, this may impact your credit history.

Brokers have access to loan data electronically updated by all lenders. Based on your circumstances and goals, they can advise you accordingly.

As a result, it is apparent what your borrowing power really is and which lenders are the most likely to lend to you.

Through this process, you can identify which lenders are most likely to approve your application, thus reducing the odds of you being rejected numerous times and damaging your credit history. An experienced mortgage broker such as Katherine, from Mandurah Mortgage Brokers, will guide you through this process.

We work with over 30 lenders, including:

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Convenient Appointments

Mortgage brokers tend to be flexible with their hours, and we are no different. We know how difficult it is to juggle work and family commitments, so we’re happy to meet after hours or on weekends by appointment.

You can choose the best time and place that suits you, from the comfort of your home, office, or even a local coffee shop.

Mandurah Mortgage Brokers is committed to providing convenient access to financial and home loan information when you need it most.


We Turn “Nos” to “Yes” for Your Rural Property Loans

Have you been turned down for a rural property loan? At Mandurah Mortgage Brokers, we have been able to turn “no” to “yes.”

We know that many banks and lenders always look to avoid the risks of rural property mortgage lending by denying loan applications from borrowers who live outside major cities and metropolitan areas.

We get you. We are farmers ourselves. We have extensive experience in agribusiness and Agri finance.

And you deserve a mortgage broker who understands your unique circumstances.

We love helping country people, not just because of our background but because we understand the challenges they face. We know how important it is to have someone on your side who’s got your back.

At Mandurah Mortgage Brokers, we do our best to help Mandurah families and businesses finance their passion. Whether it is a first home, hobby farm, commercial farm, or rural properties they plan on passing on to their children – we will make it happen!

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How a Rural Home Loan Works

Why Engage a Specialist Regional and Rural Broker

Rural property loans can serve both business and personal purposes. Compared to big-city real estate, regional areas present extra challenges.

The reason is that rural properties are perceived, by financial institutions, to be riskier than suburban properties.

The biggest concern for banks and lenders is the worst-case scenario of you defaulting on your mortgage.

If you stop paying your loan and the bank takes back your property and sells it, fewer buyers might be looking for rural homes. Due to this, the property might take longer to sell, or they might have to discount it heavily.

Farming Family With Calves

However, lenders consider that selling a property in a city may be easier and faster to settle your debt.

As a result, many lenders refuse to lend money for rural properties. However, don’t lose hope.

At Mandurah Mortgage Brokers, we often find ways to get rural clients access to the rural property mortgages they need. That way, we can make real estate dreams become a reality.

Give us a call or fill out our form. You will talk to a real person!

Our Mandurah Mortgage Brokerage Solutions

Our mission is to make as many Australian country dwellers as possible realise their dreams of owning a home or investing in their land. So, we offer various loan packages and lending options that cater to your specific needs.

First Home Loan

The prospect of owning your first home is exciting and overwhelming. But you don’t have to do it alone.

Mandurah Mortgage Brokers rural home loan is the perfect solution for those looking to purchase their first rural property. This loan offers competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options, making it easy to get your home loan approved.

Plus, you can use the loan for any property purchase in regional Australia -including a hobby farm, family home or lifestyle block, just to name a few.

Young Farming Family Next To Hay Stack

Home Loan Refinancing

Refinancing your home loan is one of the best ways to lower your interest rates and consolidate your outstanding debts, but it can also be challenging to manage.

Thankfully, we make it easy. At Mandurah Mortgage Brokers, we can guide you through the entire refinancing process, from helping you select the best lenders to present you with the best choices. If you’re looking to find out if refinancing is right for you, we can also help you through the process.

We understand that refinancing your loan can be a complex transaction, so we work with our clients to find practical and affordable solutions.

Investment Property Loan

Whether you’re looking to purchase a holiday home or expand your property portfolio, our investment property loan is the one you’re looking for.

This loan provides flexible repayment options and plenty of personal assistance, including securing competitive interest rates and helping you choose a suitable security package.

Whether you’re looking to borrow for an apartment near the beach or a rural property just inland from the coast, our loan packages allow you the flexibility to focus on what matters most to you.

Loan for Renovation and Property Improvement

Building or renovating your home is one of the best ways to add value and personality to your property. Investing in your property’s improvements can result in lower loan repayments.

A renovation loan organsied with he help from Mandurah Mortgage Brokers can help you make the changes you want without hassle.

We’ll connect you with a reputable lender and help you get the funds you need to purchase the land for your new home or refurbish your current one.

Whether you want to build your dream home from the ground up or renovate your kitchen or bathroom, we’ll be by your side every step.

Private Lending Loan

Private lending loans are ideal for those buyers looking to purchase off the plan or are having trouble raising finance through traditional lending channels.

With private lending loans, you can get the funds you need to buy without waiting for banks or lenders to approve your loan.

Private loans are relatively quick and easy to obtain and often have more competitive interest rates than conventional ones. At Regional Rural Finance, we work with you to find the right private lender for your situation.

Farm Loans for Beginner Farmers and Agribusiness

If you’re starting out on your farming career or setting up your agribusiness, getting your first farm loan can be challenging. Lenders worry about your credit history and ability to repay your loan, which can be tough to overcome.

At Regional Rural Finance, we understand how disheartening it can be to be turned down for a loan because of your bad credit history.

That’s why we’ll work with you to find a lender who’ll allow you to prove yourself: a non-conforming lender who specialises in assisting borrowers in managing their loans and settling their debts.

Your lender can also help you get insurance, machinery, and finance equipment discounts. Best of all, you can choose how you want to pay your loan – monthly or fortnightly – so you can manage your debt comfortably and be prepared when excitement strikes.

Commercial Farm Financing

At Regional Rural Finance, we understand how much time and energy it takes to run a farm. We know how important it is to get help financing your farm’s operating costs and finding a reasonable interest rate for your loan.

We understand that refinancing your loan can be a complex transaction, so we work with our clients to find practical and affordable solutions.

Urban Property Loans

Investing in property can be an excellent way to earn extra income and plan for your family’s future. In order to diversify their investment portfolio, a lot of our clients choose to invest in properties that are located in urban areas.

Regional Rural Finance can definitely assist you in financing and securing a home in the big smoke! Whether it is a beach house, an investment property or a family city-base dwelling for university-age kids or for when you need to do business in town, we will help you secure the best possible deal.

Why Choose Us for Your Rural Mandurah Property Loan?


We have been helping Australian country dwellers access the rural loans they need for more than 20 years. Over this time, we have established a reputation for helping our clients enjoy hassle-free finance solutions.

Our team understands rural property home loans inside-out, which allows us to navigate the process quickly and ensure our clients get the solutions they need to reach their goals.

High-quality Results

You’ll get top-notch results when you put us in charge of your financial needs. Our commitment to excellent customer service and personalised attention sets us apart from other brokers. We aim to get you the home loan that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Connections Across the Country

Thanks to our rural contacts across Australia, we can find you the right lender for your situation without any trouble.

Our rural finance brokers are based in significant rural and metropolitan areas around Australia. So if you’re looking to buy or refinance your property, we can connect you to the right lender!

We’re committed to securing our clients the best possible rural mortgage to help them realise their rural property finance dreams.

Variety of Lenders

At Mandurah Mortgage Brokers, we work with more than 30 lenders – more than most mortgage brokers in the country. This vast network allows us to find the best options available and match your property with the right lender.

Don’t struggle to secure finance without the help of an expert. Call Mandurah Mortgage Brokers today or fill out our form.